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Andres Jones helps create wealth that is personal and generational that will lead you to have more financial opportunities that will impact the community. Andres Jones has been one of the Houston area’s leading Realtors for almost 10 years. He is also the host of his very radio show called “Millionaire Mindset Show” which is on every Friday at 11 AM on and Facebook Live. To help motivate people to discover their purpose in order to find their wealthy place and create generational wealth. 

Andres Jones is a dynamic financial expert with an impressive background in the real estate industry. He entertains as he educates his audience in simple personal financial strategies for corporations, colleges/universities, churches, as well as non-profit organizations. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, and a U.S. Army Desert Storm Veteran, Andres has been a resident in the Houston area for over 20 years. He has developed many relationships with people to help others have a millionaire mindset and develop their God-given gifts and talents. 


Real Estate Consultant, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker, Father and Author

Meet Andres


Andres is helping to develop teens, young adults, and mature adults to live their life that is purposeful and fulfilling. Teaching people to become a leader in their area of gifting and pursue the vision that God has given to them. There is leadership potential in all of us. True leadership is not something you grasp but something you become. Being a leader is something that must be developed in everyone. 

Andres is a well-known speaker, coach, father, author, and entrepreneur. Andres impacts audiences around the world with his bold and audacious approach to living life. He trains groups and individuals to understand the principles that were established to have a successful life. He helps people prosper and become a leader in their area of gifting.

Andres Jones is a teacher and loves to share the laws and principles that God set in order to achieve success and to make an impact in this world.  He is a father of 4 children and has 12 grandchildren.

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