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Start Small...Save!

It’s so easy to get in the rat race of living pay check to pay check. Just making enough to barely get by and maybe even sometimes having to lean on family members or credit cards to make ends meet. That’s certainly not a healthy financial life to live and it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s so important to carve out a savings account that will allow you to break free of the week to week struggle.

If you’re just starting out and you have no savings account whatsoever, it’s best to start small and build up an emergency fund. Most experts will suggest that a sufficient emergency fund will consist of enough money to cover 3 months’ worth of paychecks. This fund would be set aside to pay for things like an unexpected car repair, medical expense, or loss of job. It’s also important that once your emergency fund dwindles down and the situation has passed, you work to get the funds back up to be prepared for any other unexpected expenses.

Another savings plan to get started with is to go ahead and start setting money aside for splurging on things that you don’t necessarily need but want to do. Whether it be a vacation, Christmas shopping, or a shopping spree for yourself, doing the things you want to do won’t have as much of a strain on your finances if you slowly set money aside to do these things. Dedicate a portion of your excess money from your budget to be placed in an account that can build up to be used to enjoy life. With the daily stresses of life, it’s important to treat yourself every now and then even if it’s just new shirt or pedicure. Feeling like you get something out of your hard work will keep you pushing forward towards savings for the long-term things.

There are many ways to begin saving money and tons of available technology available to help you achieve your savings goals. Below are a couple popular money saving apps.


Qapital is an app that has a FDIC insured checking account that allows you to set spending goals. The account will come a Visa card an eChecks that will allow you to easy access to your money. You can make customized savings goals that will make saving easy and effortless. Find out more at:


Chime is an app that will come with a FDIC insured account and debit card that will let you deposit funds. Chime also has an automatic savings account feature that will allow you to save 10% of the checks that you deposit. There is also an option to round up purchases made with the debit card to be placed in your savings account. Find out more at:

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